A technology 25 years in the making.

Dr. Noi Obias

Product Innovator & Technologist

Dr. Obias holds a PhD in bioinorganic and medicinal chemistry from Johns Hopkins University and a postdoctoral degree in enzymology, protein biochemistry, and functional genomics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He holds over 30 patents for drug delivery and CPG technologies.
During his PhD and postdoctoral work, Dr. Obias focused his research on drug delivery systems for oil based ingredients, specifically designing a delivery matrix for doxycycline, an oil based malaria medication. Topical application required creating an emulsifying permeability technology for increased absorption by the body.
As professional product developer, Dr. Obias led product creation for global brands at Proctor & Gamble and Sanofi/ Chattem. While at P&G, he invented the technology for the launch of the Gillette Fusion razor, P&G's first brand to drive $1B in revenue in its first year.
Creation of SENDS
In 2019, Dr. Obias joined Landrace Bioscience where he developed and patented SENDS Technology: a prized product of his doctoral and postdoctoral medical research combined with over 25 years of product creation for global consumer healthcare, OTC, and CPG brands.