Press Release: River High


Landrace Bioscience Announces Collaboration with Naked River Brewing: A Hemp-Infused, Non-Alcoholic Seltzer powered by SENDS™ Technology.

Not Your Average Sparkling Water

Chattanooga, Tennessee (August 5, 2022) – From their easy-drinking Naked Light pilsner, multiple award-winning Docks Brown Ale, and famous MoonPie Stout in collaboration with MoonPie®, Naked River Brewing is known for pushing industry boundaries and a tap list to accommodate any mood or flavor palette. Their crisp, new tap line is no different.

Meet River High, Chattanooga's brand new, non-alcoholic hemp seltzer infused with 5mg CBD and 5mg Delta 8 THC in each 12 oz. can.

Powered by SENDS

Once deciding to pursue a hemp beverage, it only made sense for Naked River to partner with the local experts down the street. “We leaned heavily on Landrace,” shares Jake Raulston, Co-Owner, Naked River Brewing. “In regard to the hemp ratios, we were looking to create a beverage equivalent to a strong craft beer. We envisioned it being translucent (clear) and low calorie, with an unbeatable, refreshing taste. SENDS Technology™ made every one of those applications possible.”

Landrace Bioscience manufactures a wide-range of hemp-derived products. But the secret sauce is their patented SENDS Technology™, a water-soluble, nano-emulsification matrix that powers all their products from edibles to topicals, tinctures, and beverages. The result? “Hemp-infused products the human body readily and easily absorbs. But that’s not even the best part. SENDS™ eliminates a crucial step in the emulsion process. Our tech replaces expensive emulsion machinery, which dramatically reduces production costs, saves production time, and results in a better overall product,” says James Dawson, VP Sales & Marketing at Landrace.

The most important part of the process, though, was having it on tap in the back of their establishment for testing. “We made sure it was consistent,” explains Raulston. “That’s a big problem in the industry right now, inconsistent hemp drinks without water-soluble ingredients.”

A Crisp Finish

River High features 5mg of both CBD and Delta 8 THC, a lemon-lime finish like Sprite™, and only 15 calories. In the taproom, they serve it over ice. Eventually, their goal is that people make non-alcoholic margaritas and other mixed drinks with River High. Makes sense – a new, versatile drink for one of the most welcoming tap lists in Chattanooga. Now they truly have a beverage for everyone.

Ready for a ride on River High? Pick it up at its home base, Naked River Brewing.

About SENDS Technology

Landrace Bioscience is a science and research-driven hemp ingredient manufacturer, helping enterprise companies and startups alike through our industry expertise. Our patented SENDS™ Technology and custom product development services produce high-quality formulations containing consistent and effective cannabinoid profiles to customers seeking to create innovative hemp-based products.