SENDS™ Technology is many things. Break-through permeability technology. Advanced cannabinoid delivery system. One-of-a-kind, water-soluble, nano-emulsification matrix. But what does it all mean? Read what sets our patent-pending tech apart from the rest.

9 Competitive Advantages of SENDS Technology

SENDS™ Technology is many things.

Break-through permeability technology. Advanced cannabinoid delivery system. One-of-a-kind, water-soluble, nano-emulsification matrix.

But what does it all mean? Higher quality cannabis products the human body readily and easily absorbs. Custom formulations. Decreased production costs.


1. Permeability-Enhancement

In order for absorption to occur, it must first be permeable. Nano-technology, like SENDS Technology, is inherently more permeable due to its size. SENDS Tech enhances permeability even further with a dual encapsulation of the cannabinoid molecule at 14nm. The outer encapsulation is designed to carry cannabinoids into the body.

2. Unmatched Absorption

Take a cannabinoid’s ride through the body with us.

Say you consume CBD orally without SENDS Technology. Because CBD is an oil-based xenobiotic (a foreign substance produced by another life form), it travels from your mouth to your stomach, then into your small intestine where most nutrient absorption occurs. However, the stomach and small intestine are designed to break down and absorb fatty acids – not oil-based compounds. The cilia in your intestinal lining despise oil-based compounds, with studies confirming a loss of up to 70% of the cannabinoid oil consumed. The cilia’s reluctance to absorb cannabinoids makes it difficult to predict onset and effects. 

Now imagine a tasty, blue raspberry CBD gummy powered by SENDS Technology. The SENDS oil can be absorbed into the phospholipid bilayer, coating internal human systems at any point in the process: while chewing, while traveling through your stomach, and, of course, in your small intestine. SENDS encapsulates cannabinoid oil molecules so that our cell walls eagerly absorb them upon contact.

3. Viscosity Confronted

Cannabinoid oil is extremely difficult to work with due to its viscosity – especially when blending with other important ingredients (like water). This viscosity, combined with standard emulsion machinery, leads to ingredient loss. 

SENDS Technology is a lipid matrix, creating a lossless, scalable ingredient that can be used in manufacturing without any special mechanical equipment.

4. Non-Mechanical Advantage

Since SENDS Technology is a self-emulsifying, lipid matrix, an entire step of the emulsification process is eliminated when creating cannabis-infused edibles, tinctures, topicals, and beverages.

This dramatically decreases production time and removes expensive emulsion machinery from the equation. 

"SENDS eliminates a crucial step in the emulsion process. Our tech replaces expensive emulsion machinery, which dramatically reduces production costs, saves production time, and results in a better overall product." – James Dawson, VP Sales & Marketing, Landrace Bioscience

5. Solubility x 2

SENDS Tech is dual-encapsulating, meaning that it keeps oil molecules from reattaching after emulsification. Think magnets: oil and water have opposite polarity. The first encapsulation neutralizes their polarity; the second encapsulation makes the oil molecules attracted to water.

In other words, once your cannabinoids are emulsified and made water-soluble, they’ll stay that way. Products powered by SENDS Tech benefit from 24-months of shelf stability. 

6. Record Speeds of Onset

SENDS products are fast-acting. Permeability enhancement (see #1 above!) encourages mucosal absorption, so the human body begins absorbing cannabinoids as soon as the edible, tincture, or beverage hits your mouth. 

Common cannabis-infused products typically have no effect for at least 30 minutes, then spike. SENDS provides more of a bell curve that you feel quickly and is more gradual in duration.

SENDS Tech combined with the SENDS Formulation Team:

7. Product Versatility

Edibles, tinctures, topicals, beverages, nasal spray, and more. If you have an idea for a cannabis-infused product, we can make it. Our team formulates products for young startups through Fortune 500s and everything in between.

8. Superior Product Characteristics 

This one is straightforward. Building with innovative and effective technology yields innovative and effective products! Better flavor profiles, increased color control, and a dynamic load range. 

Looking to make a translucent beverage? No problem. 

9. Experienced Formulators

The most innovative technology in the industry is paired with experienced product formulators who know SENDS better than anyone. With a product portfolio ranging from pharmaceutical to recreational, hemp to cannabis, and topicals to beverages, we don’t need to explain that our team is next-level. 

Do you make hemp or cannabis products that could benefit from SENDS Technology? Are you looking to launch a unique, high-quality product in the cannabis industry with the least resistance?